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WowSuch.Common Namespace
Wow Such Common
Public classApplicationEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for application related events
Public classCollisionEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for collision related events
Public classEventReceiver
Class used to to receive and invoke events by keys
Public classEventReceiverEvent
Class which contains a key/value pair of type string and UnityEvent
Public classExtensionMethods
Class containing various extension methods
Public classMaxValueAttribute
Constrains a float or int field to a maximum value.
Public classMinMaxValueAttribute
Constrains a float or int field with a minimum and maximum range. Does not draw a slider.
Public classMinValueAttribute
Constrains a float or int field to a minimum value.
Public classMiscEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for miscellaneous events
Public classMonoEventTrigger
Base class used for all MonoEventTriggers
Public classMonoEventTriggerEventTrigger
Class which contains a key/value pair of TriggerType and UnityEvent
Public classMouseEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for mouse input related events
Public classNetworkEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for network related events
Public classRenderEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for render related events
Public classResourceObject
Class used to define Objects which can loaded from a Resources folder
Public classResourceObjectAttribute
Indicates that a ResourceObject field is to used to load a specific type of Object.
Public classStateChangeEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for state change related events
Public classTransformEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for Transform related events
Public classTriggerEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for Trigger related events
Public classUpdateEventTrigger
MonoEventTrigger for Update loop related events
Public enumerationMonoEventTriggerTriggerType
Enumeration of all possible trigger types