Project Icarus


Project Icarus is a 2.5D top-down puzzle adventure platformer. We combined the puzzle solving of games like Portal and Observation with the exploration and adventure of games like The Legend of Zelda and Hyper Light Drifter, and this is what we got!

In Project Icarus you will solve clever puzzles; explore a vast, ancient forest; and uncover the secrets behind your very existence.

Stay Tuned!

Project Icarus Map
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About Wow! Such Games

Wow! Such Games is an independent game studio based in New Westminster, British Columbia. It was founded in the midst of a global pandemic by veteran mobile game developer Josh Morhart, who has nearly a decade of experience making video games, including design, programming, and production.

The goal of Wow! Such Games is to create products that are joyful, yet interrogative; goofy, yet genuine; fun, yet thoughtful. Our first project, Icarus (working title), is a 2.5D top-down, puzzle-centric adventure game which will be available soon.

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